Seeking Candidates Governing Council

Rio Gallinas School of Ecology and the Arts is seeking candidates for the Rio Gallinas Governing Council. As the only public charter school in the Las Vegas area, we are looking for people supportive of education that focuses on building a learning community of committed adults and children.  Candidates should be willing to collaborate and problem-solve with the other Governing Council members, as well as contribute time and energy to serving on the council committees with the best interest of the school in mind.  We encourage diversity representing various backgrounds and life-experiences to enhance our school community.  To be considered as a candidate for the Rio Gallinas Governing Council, please submit in person a Letter of Interest and a Resume to the Rio Gallinas Governing Council at 1107 Montezuma, Las Vegas NM 87701 or email to mainofficeatriogallinasschooldotorg.

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