Governing Council

Current Rio Gallinas Governing Council

  • Rae Laing, Chair;  Email: gcchairatriogallinasschooldotorg
  • Georgina Ortega, Vice  Chair; mail: gcvpchairatriogallinasschooldotorg
  • Jude Romero, Secretary;  Email: gcsecretaryatriogallinasschooldotorg
  • Michael Immerman, Community member
  • -Email: michaeldotimmermanatriogallinasschooldotorg
  • Emilio Aragon, Community member
  • -Email: emiliodotaragonatriogallinasschooldotorg
  • Crystal Gallegos, Community member
  • -Email: CrystaldotGallegosatriogallinasschooldotorg
    Rudy Castellano, Community member-Email: Rudydotcastellanoatriogallinasschooldotorg
    Patrick Marquez, Liaison; West Las Vegas School Board

    A quorum is  “the presence of a majority of the non-vacant voting memberships,”

The Council’s By-Laws state that the primary purpose of the Governing Council is to:

· Support the School’s general and specific mission as described in the School’s Charter.
· Review and approve School policies and procedures.
· Review and approve the School’s annual budget.
· Support the Director of the School as needed and requested.
· Evaluate the effectiveness of the School’s Director in relationship to educational leadership and school administration.
· Maintain active and current knowledge of issues, changes, and proposed modifications in New Mexico laws or statutes pertaining to charter schools.
· Monitor fiscal and legal matters with regard to the School to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, statues, and requirements.
· Coordinate efforts among the School, school associations, community, area businesses, West Las Vegas School Board, and Superintendent of Schools to best serve the educational needs of Rio Gallinas School students.


All regular monthly meetings are held inside the WLV Board Room 179 Bridge Street Las Vegas, New Mexico and begin at 5:30pm.

The meetings of the governing council are public. Its agendas and minutes are available at:


Public notice of governing council meetings is required by law, and is regulated by the

Meeting-Notice resolution