Director’s Welcome

I am truly honored with the fortunate opportunity to work for Rio Gallinas Charter School and serve the student, parent, teacher, and community populations.  The opportunity to begin the new school year as the Director of this forward thinking school is truly a blessing.  Rio’s dedicated staff of educators possess a wealth of education and experience, to contribute to the social, emotional, and academic excellence of the students.

Our community of learners is made up of outstanding students, expert and dedicated staff of caring professionals, active and involved parents and a supportive community. Together we form a strong partnership to ensure that all Rio Gallinas students receive an exceptional education. Each child is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. The teachers are committed to nurturing and developing the ability of each child through carefully planned and innovative teaching programs.

Our partnership with the families of our students as well as other community members and organizations is a key part of our success. Students benefit as parents and guardians are involved in their formal education. The year ahead holds great potential for the academic and social development of our students, and it is vital that we combine our efforts to help them succeed. I believe that keeping the atmosphere positive is the key to success as well as keeping the lines of communication open among staff, students, and parents.

Your children are in the hands of dedicated, educated and caring teachers and staff. This will be a wonderful school year and your children will blossom into the beautiful flowers they are meant to be.


Mr. Kirk Ludi