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Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
* Communicate accurately and effectively in the content area and maintain a professional relationship with students, staff, and faculty.
* Obtain feedback and communicate with students in a manner that enhances student learning and understanding.
* Develop a variety of teaching methods and resources for each area taught.
* Encourage student involvement, responsibility, and critical thinking skills.
* Create an atmosphere conducive to learning, self-discipline, and development of realistic and positive self-concepts.
* Develop and implement appropriate classroom management strategies while maintaining high expectations for student behavior to encourage cooperation among students.
* Communicate to students in a way that enhances learning, and includes demonstrating effective reading, writing, and mathematic skills.
* Adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of individual students.
* Manage time appropriately.
* Accessible to parents, students, administration, and peers outside the school day,  as determined by supervisor.
* Prepare for instruction and show written evidence of preparation.
* Maintain accurate and complete records and report progress or lack thereof to parents in a timely manner.
* Leave adequate preparations for a substitute.
* Use appropriate techniques, strategies, and materials to achieve the desired instructional goal.
* Supervise educational assistants, student teachers and high school vocational lab students.
* Develop and use community and professional resources.
* Comply with school policies, administrative regulations, Public Education Department guidelines and local, state and federal laws.
* Perform other job responsibilities as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:  

* A Bachelor’s degree.

* Able to obtain a valid fingerprint and background clearance.

* Valid New Mexico teaching license with appropriate endorsements as needed.

* Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

Occupational Therapist

Seeking an Occupational Therapist experienced in working with children to provide services in the school setting on a part time schedule.  For complete details please contact Aja Currey.

All teacher candidates must have a valid New Mexico teaching license. Rio Gallinas is a K-8 Charter School located in Las Vegas.  The School follows Expeditionary Learning  and Arts Integration principles and provides a Progressive education as an alternative to traditional public schools.

Please submit all Resumes and Letter of Interest to:


Certified Application

Noncertified Application

Salary Schedule – Teachers – FY2016

Salary Schedule – EA – FY2016